The Necessity of Calibration for Medical Equipment

All medical equipment are bound to degrade from its regular wear and tear. This could then negatively impact their accuracy and precision. With diagnosis and procedures relying heavily on these equipment, it is essential to ensure that its eventual deterioration be detected early on to not affect the quality of their yielded results. To guarantee the reliability of these equipment, calibration procedures must be regularly implemented.

Calibration is a cornerstone of credibility for medical laboratories. It validates that the data produced by the equipment are within the standard range of measurements. Learn more about why calibration is an essential process for every laboratory.

Secured Dependability
Through these periodic safety and performance testings, healthcare providers can attest that their treatments are informed by reliable diagnostic findings. Faulty diagnosis can lead to numerous other issues such as unnecessary or ineffective treatment and wrong prescriptions. Through calibration, both the patients’ safety and the institution’s system performance are assured.

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Reduced Costs
Calibration can detect and resolve potential hazards early on. This could significantly spare healthcare institutions the cost of repairs, additional parts, and replacements. Repairs can also cost the hospital the availability of tests that are vital to their patients’ diagnosis. Anticipate any mechanical malfunction or breakdowns and avoid unnecessary expenses through routine calibration.

Certification Requirements
Regulatory bodies require for laboratories to have their equipment regularly calibrated. This would verify that their procedures consistently abide by the industry standards that have been set. Calibration certificates are usually needed for laboratory accreditation and periodic inspections.

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