When Should You Calibrate Your Equipment?

Proper equipment maintenance and calibration ensure that all medical equipment are properly working and accurate. The calibration procedure detects and fixes the uncertainties in measurements. Whereas equipment maintenance removes fault in a device.

More often than not, internal components become inaccurate. This problem is customary among all device manufacturers. The internal components of both mechanical and electronic tend to wear out over time. As a result, the performance of the said equipment tends to decrease and can result in inaccurate readings. Accuracy plays an important role in diagnostic devices as it seriously affects the procedure and can endanger patients’ lives.

Calibration ensures that your medical equipment is accurate, safe, and reliable at all times. And also, regulatory entities such as the FDA have made it mandatory for manufacturers to provide routine calibrations and maintain calibration records.

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Since calibration plays a huge role in maintaining the accuracy of your equipment, it is essential to have them calibrated when:


Check if your newly bought equipment comes with a calibration certificate. If not, the equipment needs to be calibrated. Ensure that your equipment is accurately calibrated and is ready to be used. Medical equipment companies should provide calibration certificates or offer calibration services to their customers.

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2. If the device looks DAMAGED or giving INACCURATE READINGS.

If your equipment has experienced any shock or vibration during any event or if it looks damaged or is giving inaccurate readings, you should get the device calibrated immediately!

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3. Monthly, quarterly, or annually

Depending on the equipment, it is essential to have routinely calibrated. This is one of the most important things you can do to ensure the quality and accuracy of your equipment. Develop a calibration schedule based on the needs and your equipment. Developing a calibration schedule keeps your equipment in the best possible condition. Different equipment needs different things, know and understand your equipment to develop an effective calibration schedule.

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